Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Now Available: Static Quo - Plug in, Turn up, Dub out!

Static Quo - Plug in, Turn up, Dub out!

The first release from my new label, Free Noise Records, the disc is a breakcore explosion blurring the lines between questionable uses of sampling (including the still-fresh pioneering art of the 'mystery loop') and blatant attempts at making 60s-era psychedelic folk music with a strong drum 'n' bass influence! Combining authentic, original sounds and instruments, including organs, synthesizers, breakbeats, and all-original vocals; as well as incorporating interesting (and often rare) samples from the hey-day of the original psychedelic era, 'Plug in, Turn up, Dub out!' tears through your eardrums without mercy! With stylish, unique, and meticulously-edited sonic blasts; and with a vocal style sounding similiar to a weird combination of Johnny Rotten, Bob Dlyan, the Beastie Boys and Jack White (with lyrical themes ranging from self-invoked pyschedelic trips, personal liberation, social commentary, and even a couple love songs) this album would do well on the shelf next to either Venetian Snares or Kid606, about as comfortably as it would sit next to Iron Butterfly, Os Mutantes, and Steppenwolf!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


V/A Compilation:
Synesthetic Breakadelic Freakout

A forward-thinking trip-out psychedelic breakcore compilation featuring, among others, Randomatik Blast and Static Quo!
Now accepting musical contributions for this compilation!